Web-enabled databases provide the opportunity to change the way that web sites are created, maintained, and delivered. Many web designers, however, lack the experience to properly construct and implement web-enabled databases. The professionals at Aetos.Net have the necessary experience in database designing, construction, and implementation to make your company achieve a competitive advantage in the area of data management.

A database may be thought of as a collection of organized facts. A web-enabled database provides you the ability to update, query, and publish those facts through the Web. Web sites that have databases operating to produce content are considered to be dynamic web sites because the information published may be different depending on changes occurring within the database. The following list provides uses for web-enabled databases:

  • online catalogs
  • inventory updating
  • publishing
  • user data collection
  • document archieving
  • information analysis

Aetos.Net will work closely with your company to construct a web-enabled database that will serve you intranet, extranet, and e-commerce needs.

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